Network infrastructure

The resources of a network that enable network or internet connectivity, management, business operations, and communication are referred to as network infrastructure. Hardware and software, systems, and devices make up the network infrastructure, which enables computation and communication between users, services, applications, and processes. The network infrastructure of a system is made up of everything engaged in the network, from servers to wireless routers. Users, applications, services, devices, and other entities use network infrastructure to communicate and provide services.

The components necessary to run and maintain corporate IT environments are known as information technology (IT) infrastructure. IT infrastructure can be housed in a cloud computing system or a company’s physical location.

Hardware, software, networking components, an operating system (OS), and data storage are examples of these components, which are all utilized to supply IT services and solutions.


Network Infrastructure

 Typical network infrastructure includes:

    • Networking Hardware:
      • Routers
      • Switches
      • LAN cards
      • Wireless routers
      • Cables


  • Networking Software:
    • Network operations and management
    • Operating systems
    • Firewall
    • Network security applications


    • Network Services:
      • T-1 Line
      • DSL
      • Satellite
      • Wireless protocols
      • IP addressing